Technical Analysis Course on Stock Market. Now available in Odisha .

SLAS is the first and  the only company in India , which provides the Technical Analysis course in 3  languages ,Odia, Hindi and English.

Unique Feature of SLAS Techncal Analysis course 

 It has an unique feature that no company in the country  provides . This is called TVT (Tips Verifying Tool).

Most of the customers take tips from advisory companies to trade in equity or commodity market .  They loose lot of money because they donot know wrong tips from right tips . So they loose lot of money in the market . Now , we have made a remedy for these kind of problem . Our midlevel and advanced level course has incorporated our latest research  output which is known as TVT (Tips Verification Tool).

Course Details 

Our  Technical Analysis course  is devided into 3 Parts . Basic , Midlevel and Advanced Level course .                                   

Basic Course

Basic course is designed for the customers who  have just opened a trading account or planning to do so. This course guides the customers on various stake holder of the stock market . Also, on how to trade, what to trade and when to trade so that customer can make maximum profit from the market.

Some of the Course Contents  are as follows . 

What is stock market ? 

What are different componests of  market?

What  are the products traded and how to do that online .

What is online trading ?

The complete list can be availed from the respective trainers .

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 Mid Level Course  is made for traders who have on an average  more than 2years experience . Most of these customers have generally incurred  loss due to wrong Tips . For these customers our research team after long research designed the new tools which no other compnay in the world has got. It is called TVT. This is helping the customers to recover the lost money from market.
Who can apply?
  1. Working professionals.
  2. Business Owners.
  3. students( under graduate, Graduate, post graduate
  4. House wives.
  5. just about any one who wants to understand the investment world and gain from it.
 Midlevel course contents

All the basic course contents


Intro  to Market analysis

Types of Analysis

What is Technical  Analysis

Types of Charts

Intro to Chart Analysis

Intro to Technical Tools

Different Chart Patterns

Tips verifying Tools(TVT)


 Advance Course:

It is designed for the customers who want to win consisitently in the market


Advance Courses contents:

  1. Basics of  investment
  2. All about equity shares
  3. Primery market & IPO
  4. Secondary market
  5. Trading
  6. Investing in stocks
  7. Online trading
  8. Short term trading
  9. Portfolio management
  10. Technical analysis
  11. Commodity trading
  12. Money Management 
  13. 4 technical tools
  14. How to make a Trading System
  15. Secret of generating Tips 
  16. Tips Verifying Tools (TVT)
Course duration: 4 weeks to 24 weeks 
Course fee:3000 /- for Basic,    6000/- for Midlevel,     15000/- for Advanced level
Course mode: Online / Classroom
Programme environment: To provide a wholesome, practical, enjoyable, user friendly and effective training on capital market investment and commodity . This course is designed in a simple and lucid way so that even a common man with little or no background about stock market can understand the dynamics of the same.
Pedagogy: Blend of case studies and practical experience shared by experts from large stock market firms. Virtual trading in stock market, quizzes and online demo with detailed inputs on theorey.

Slas Institute of Capital Market is the pioneer and market leader in financial market education and training. Over the years Slas has trained more than 1000 candidates and assisted them get an exciting career in Financial Markets.

We offer different courses on stock market, commodity market & currency market. Our courses are useful for students, housewives, investors, traders, employees of brokers, sub-brokers, insurance agents and laymen too. We teach not only theoretically but practically also, so that participant can become able to use all the knowledge to make money from share market. 
In our country hardly 1% people are financially literate. Our mission is to improve this percentage through our training program. Improve financial literacy in our country .